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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  August 24, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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grown-ups take charge" and then said the white house should fire the economic team. >> president obama should ask for and accept the resignation of the economic team. >> now, boehner also slammed the president for wanting to let the bush tax cuts expire for america's wealthiest. now, the white house deputy press secretary bill burtson due to hold a press briefing very soon and we'll see if the white house is going to be responding to boehner's attacks and also waiting for vice president joe biden to speak at an event where he reveals a new impact on the economic recovery act. as i said, we'll wait on both of those. bring them to you right here this morning on msnbc. the fight over the economy, though, comes as voters are heading out to the polls today. several states holding primary elections at this hour. we'll start with mark murray who joins me here in the studio in
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d.c. i like it be here in d.c. for some primary days, it's kind of fun. let's take this to florida and talk about what is going on down there. there are some hot races. >> florida, we'll find out what is worse. being an insider or being an outsider billionaire with a flawflaw ed political resume. we're seeing this play out in a republican gubernatorial. he's facing off against a billi billionaire rick scott, who is a former head of a hospital chain. we're also seeing it play out in the democratic senatorial primary kendrick meek here in washington, d.c., representing florida. and then he's taking on wealthy jeff greene. we'll see what's actually worse and right now polls are showing that the insiders, mccollum and meek have the advantage going in today. >> charlie crist plays an important role.
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>> if meek wins or if greene wins how that impacts that three-way race. >> okay, let's head out to arizona and talk about what's going on with john mccain. he was down or at least a year ago some people would say that maybe he wouldn't be keeping his job but now they're saying no retirement, six more years. >> heading into this mid-term cycle john mccain looks like someone who will face a tough challenge and turns out he is cruising to victory and might end up being a 15-point, 16-point win. we don't know just yet. relatively easy for him and the biggest question is when he comes back to washington after today's primary, what kind of john mccain is he going to be? the conservative john mccain or will he be that maverick that we saw from 2001 to 2007 and that's a question a lot of people have. >> we saw j.d. hayworth in the 9:00 hour talking about how much money mccain has spent, considerable amounts, millions of dollars. >> john mccain had to do
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everything to win in this environment. a lot of republicans that are very skeptical about things that john mccain did from 2001 to 2007. he hammered j.d. hayworth and modified his positions especially on an issue like immigration. >> let's move up to alaska and talk about what you have given us in the first, were you giving us the idea of all the isms we have to deal with here. >> palinisms. backed a relatively known, sarah palin actually belonged to when she was governor, but what merkowsky represents, as did senator ted steveps. and we're seeing that play out and right now merkowsky has a
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pretty good edge right now because the tea party just doesn't play that well in a state that benefits so much from federal money like alaska does. >> as we were mentioning to everyone this morning we were waiting for john boehner to make his remarks this morning. what do you think he's coming out and saying focusing on the economy and maybe also laying some of the agenda that he would have if he were to take over. >> well, i was able to read the speech they released earlier this morning. it was more of a political speech than a policy speech. and it's coming out in august when a lot of people aren't paying attention right now, but it really serves as a marker that this is one of the things where republicans want to do, how they're attacking the white house politically. and what may be a republican congress would look like if they take back control. there weren't many specifics in the speech, but, certainly, we're going to see that story play out. what republicans, what would they do, come september, october, if the political environment still looks like republicans might take back congress. that's going to be a really big
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story to follow. >> how does bill burton, deputy press secretary and also vice president joe biden, how will they be amending their talks today, their talking points when they have to deal with what boehner will have to come out and say. when boehner speaks and it has to deal with our pocketbooks and the economy, all of our ears perk up. we want our jobs and we want to know we're secure. >> that's the biggest challenge the white house has right now. they can do all these things and have the great legislative accomplishments, but as long as unemployment is at 10%, that's perilous for the american economy. return to the bush era and they're going to mention george w. bush political policies and that's going to be the debate and that's going to be the fighting line come november. >> all right, well, we want to remind everybody that we're still waiting on vice president joe biden and also be hearing from the deputy press secretary bill burton coming up here. but, mark, i want to thank you. went through a really good list of things here this morning.
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>> welcome to washington. >> thank you very much y like being here. moving on this morning and get right to one of the men running in the republican florida primary for senate. he is jeff greene. mr. greene, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me, tom sdw. >> something we're feeling around this country, worried about our jobs. florida has an unemployment rate of 11.5%. so, what is your platform, what is your plan to help floridians get employed? >> well, look, i'm the only candidate in this race who spent his whole life as a job's creator. when i first came to west palm beach in 1970, i was a busboy and worked through harvard business school and lived the american dream. i spent my whole life creating jobs and i understand that if you sign the front of a paycheck and the back of a paycheck, that's priority number one to get jobs created. infrastructure bank when he was
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running and the idea kind of fell by the wayside and i think that's the only way we're going to get 1.1 floridians back to work is bold, aggressive moves in washington. career politicians like kendrick meek or jeff greene, who is a successful businessman who created jobs my whole life and put the people of florida first and get some results. >> sir, no one can say you're not a self-made man. i was reading some reports that you have an estimated worth of $1.4 billion, is that correct? >> you know, who knows what my net worth is, that's all a side show entertainer. >> dollars and pennies here when we're in the billions, give or take a couple hundred million, what's that. but when we talk about the, i guess the politics that have been playing out in florida. you have been connected to mike tyson who was the best man at your wedding and heidi fleiss who you hosted at your home for
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a year and how do you combat the, i guess, character assassination some would say it is that they are aligning you with these people and saying, well, how can this man be running for political office when these are the people that he's hanging out with? >> well, look, these are character assassinations and they are irrelevant because, look, the people of florida know that we have the third worse foreclosure rate in the country. we have, like you said, 11.5% unemployment rate and we lost jobs last month. the choice is clear. more of the same career politicians that just failed us year after year. nobody could deny that i'm a self-made businessman who understood the housing market was crashing before it hapened and who understands how to create jobs and that's what florida needs. we are getting overwhelming support throughout florida and we have thousands and thousands of volunteers all over the state today working for us because they are as concerned as i am about getting this economy back
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on its feet. i'm the guy to do it for the people of florida. >> mr. greene, a lot of talk about an answer that you gave to my colleague, nbc's norah o'donnell. i want to play everybody the exchange first and then talk to you on the back side. >> who did you vote for in 1980? >> i don't remember who i voted for. i had that discussion before. i can't remember. >> ronald reagan? >> i can't remember who i voted for. i remember who i voted for in 1980. >> who did you vote for in '84? >> in '84, look -- i can tell you this, i supported, i remember supporting president clinton. >> all right. so, there's been a few days you had time to think about this. how are we doing on our '80s memory and our voting record? >> you know, look, this is not about who i voted for 30 years ago. what the people of florida are fed up and frustrated with the go no where in washington, we just had an varmentdenvironment disaster that almost wiped out
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our coastline and we have the third worst foreclosure rate in the country. i'm the job's creator and a successful businessman and i will get results for the people of florida, that's why i'm getting the support that i'm getting in this race. >> jeff greene, good luck today and we hope to talk again soon right here on msnbc. thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me. from arizona to florida and alaska, all the latest primary developments and results. stick with our all-day coverage today and tonight on msnbc. right now, 20 fda investigators are at two different iowa farms working to pinpoint the source of the salmonella outbreak that led to the massive egg recall. right now 550 million eggs are recalled in 22 states. the house energy and commerce committee has begun its own investigation into the outbreak and food safety officials are pressing for more funding and more authority over inspections. meantime, one congresswoman says there should be a single food safety agency. right now, at least 15 separate government agencies are involved
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in ensuring food safety in the u.s. >> the agriculture department is in charge of inspecting chickens and you have the fda in charge of inspecting eggs and it's very easy for these things to fall befweb between the cracks. >> tom costello joins us live. what is the latest on the fda investigation into this outbreak? >> the fda has the lead here on this thing. that is the agency still responsible and they're trying to figure out where the salmonella came from. they know the chicks brought into the hen houses did not have salmonella. that would suggest that the salmonella contamination happened inside these massive hen houses. now, the leading iowa state poultry veterinarian says there is only one leading candidate here. one prime suspect. he believes that has to be mice that make their way into the hen houses and then they leave their droppings in the chicken feed. listen to what he says. >> if a chicken consums the feed
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with the mouse fecal pellet, the chicken becomes infected and, subsequently, the chicken will transmit this bacteria in its own droppings to other birds. >> you know, that's dr. trapel there and what he's saying, of course, then the hen becomes infected and every egg that that hen lays becomes infected. we have this massive, ballooning problem. they are right now trying to get to the bottom of it and trying to figure out if that is the source of it. meantime, we know we have more than half a billion eggs being recalled. thomases, there is good news here. the total number of people becoming ill seems to have stabilized. the cdc continues to say hundreds, maybe thousands, but most of those would have occurred over the past four months. no new cases. that may suggest that the worst is over and maybe this thing has already peaked and may have peaked some time ago. >> let's hope so. tom costello, thank you. for more information on the egg recall, including which egg brands have been recalled, you
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welcome back, everybody. just minutes ago, the woman forced to resign from her usda
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job over false allegations that she gave a racist speech has declined to return to the government agency. shirley sherrod had her first face-to-face meeting with tom vilsack this morning. he offered her a job and she said no. >> i did enjoy that work and would want to see that work continue. i just don't think at this point with all that has happened i can do that either in the new position that was offered or as state director. >> sherrod says she wants to take a break and she's still committed to the cause of improving race relations. a terrifying accident caught on police dash cam video. wait till you see this, a teen driver loses control of his car. the car hits a culvert goes airborne and smashes into the overpass you see there.
11:18 am
the 19-year-old driver is now in critical condition and officers say it's a miracle that no one else was injured in that accident. rescuers in chile are trying to keep 33 trapped miners alive while they figure out a way to rescue them. they're sending down food and oxygen down the chamber. the miners are more than 2,000 feet underground and it could take months to actually free them. nbc's mike taibbi joins us from new york. how these miners have survived and the months it may take to reach them. >> you're right, thomas. this is really the what now phase of this which will play out perhaps until christmas. they stayed down there 17 days already. i think the record is 25 days for a group of miners in china
11:19 am
last year. they stayed alive with some of the storage they brought down with them when they went down on august 5th. they had powdered milk and tuna and they found ground water. so, they've been having enough water and enough ventilation so they could breathe but now the hard part really begins now. they're all alive and sent up a note saying they're all well and in addition to the medical doctors that are there on the scene, also teams of psychiatrists now present to try to thauk these guys through which will almost be periods of incredible stress unlike they have ever experienced before. >> and, mike, they've got, i know all of us are talking about the fact that this is a miracle they were found alive and that they can depend on the hope that's there that they will be rescued, but we're talking about until christmastime. describe the type of room that they're in and the close conditions that these 33 men are going to have to live in. >> it's not a formal room.
11:20 am
it is described as a small apartment. imagine, thomas, if you will, being confined underground for as much as four months, even with 33 of your closest friends and colleagues. who would be designated as the leader? and whoever is not chosen as the leader, would that person, let the individuals around him form a click of some sort to competition, aggressive things that happen in society all the time. a lot of people who considered the story thought about the lord of the flies concept. could there be a mass psychosis. what happens if there is a real medical emergency with no doctor down there to treat a medical emergency and trying to be talked through it. the number of things that can go wrong is unbelievable and over a period of time where it's inevitable that there will be problems of some sort or they can all bond together in a heroic fashion with collective
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minutes ago the white house announced that the number of u.s. troops in iraq has officially dropped below 50,000. that is ahead of the deadline that president obama set for that goal at the end of this month. last week msnbc brought you live pictureses of t of the final co brigade. american forces will no longer conduct combat operations but will conduct training operations in the country of iraq. jimmy carter is preparing for north korea. he is trying to free an american imprisoned for entering that country illegally. gomes was arrested in january and sentenced to eight years in prison and fined $700,000.
11:25 am
carter is expected to spend one night in north ckorea and then return with gomes on thursday. we're watching a hurricane develop on the horizon. overnight daniel grew from a tropical storm to a cat 2 storm with 100-mile-per-hour winds. danielle is expected to strengthen all day and she could become a major storm by tonight. the hurricane is still far from land as we speak right now, but could pass by bermuda by this weekend. a king kong-sized fight over the new york city skyline. the owners of the empire state building are trying the block a glass office tower that would rise almost as high as the top of the building. their argument, it would block the view and change new york city's skyline forever. the nearby 67-story would be just 34 feet shy of the iconic structure. the developer says it would provide state of the art office space and create at least 7,000 new jobs. so, what do you think about that
11:26 am
plan? block the building or just bud out. you can let me know what you think on twitter thomasroberts. coming up, a big sign of how the economy is doing. the sales of new and existing homes and there's new information out today. we'll break it down for you and explain what it all means. it appears that no matter what state the jersey shore cast members come from, no one wants to claim them. no one wants to claim them. believe it or not there is a poll, yes, a real poll on this and get reactions straight ahead. stay with us.
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scientists today are trying to figure out what experiments that they can and cannot do when it comes to stem cell research. now a federal judge has put a hold on federal money for studies. president obama reversed an administration block on the research. nbc news justice correspondent
11:30 am
pete williams joins me now in studio to talk about this, pete, let's talk about the federal funds for stem cell research. all are blocked or certain funding? >> that is a big question. the justice department, the national institutes of health and the white house are still all trying to figure out what the judge's ruling means. here's what he said. there is a federal law that says no money, federal money, can be used on research that results in the destruction of embryos. now, what the obama administration had argued is we don't destroy any embryos. private funds harvest the embryos and give those to researchers and the government tried to say there is a line here and the federal money only supports the research once the government gets the stem cells. that doesn't make any sense. the embryos are destroyed to get the stem cells and, therefore, it is illegal. that was his ruling and now what the whole government is trying to figure out is how much research can still go on. it seems clear that no
11:31 am
additional money can be spent by the federal government and there was something like $210 million to be appropriated this year. how much can still go on? >> as this does move forward, does a u.s. district court judge trump the president? >> well, federal law trumps an executive order. an act of congress trumps anything the president himself would do and that's the issue here. the judge has interpreted an act of congress, basically a rider that has been put on every year since 1996. you can't spend any federal money that results in the destruction of embryos. i'm sure the government will appeal this. this is a temporary block on the money that the judge has enacted here. the government will appeal and whether the judge's logic holds we'll see in subsequent court proceedings and this could go to the supreme court. >> it still doesn't keep all the
11:32 am
private funded embryonic stem cells from moving forward. >> no, it doesn't. but any federal money that infects any of that process? that's what they're trying to work out now. >> pete williams, thank you. >> my pleasure. a new development to talk about surrounding the mosque and islamic community center that's planned two blocks from ground zero. today, new york governor david paterson says that he will meet with archbishop timothy dolan both to offer alternative locations for the center. meanwhile the imam behind the project is speaking out. on monday he defended the islamic center. he said, "the fact that there has been this misunderstanding shows the need for the project." some gut wrenching news for anyone who is currently selling a home. listen to this, sales of existing homes plunged 27% in july from the previous month to the lowest level in 15 years.
11:33 am
diana olick joins me now on the telephone to talk about this. diana, i don't want to say this was a self-fulfilling prophecy but these numbers were predicted but not as hard as the numbers that were expected. >> they expected sales to drop from 15% to 13%. they came down 27%. far worse than all the experts were predicting. you had the home buyer tax credit and plus you also have a very surear lack of confidence and also lackluster job growth at this point and that just came together to push sales down in july, far worse than expected. now, what that also pushed to do is push the supply up. when you have a slower sales' pace, which we did have 2.5% more homes on the market that number shot up to 12.5-month supply which means it would take more than a year to sell all the homes on the market today. what does it mean?
11:34 am
it means additional pressure on prices in the months going forward. you could look at today's report and say prices held pretty flat. maybe prices have hit bottom there, okay. we talked to the realtors and they say you have to look specifically at the mix of what's selling. the first-time buyers fell out of the market. they generally buy lower priced homes. the only ones that stayed those buying the higher price homes and that skews the numbers higher. realtors do expect that we'll see general home prices come down over the next couple months as we see more pressure from all that inventory. if you're a buyer out there, fantastic. if you're a seller, you're probably going to have to make some concessions. thomas? >> it's been fantastic for buyers for a long time now, diana, over the long haul, the most valuable nest egg they had, is that going to change for the american people now because of what we're seeing and how the real estate market is changing and changing for the worst when it comes to the fact that we can
11:35 am
count on banking on our house? >> well, i don't think people are ever, not ever, but are going to in the near future bank on their homes the way they did during the housing boom. yes, there will be certain neighborhoods that will continue to appreciate and will come back strong and do very well, especially if there is a good job market in those areas. a lot of areas, though, that will stay low and remain low for a long time and that typically means that people have to consider their home as just a place to live, like they did many, many years ago and not a cash register. that is more healthy for the market. right now affordability is very good. you have extremely low mortgage interest rates and you're looking to buy a home and sit in it for a year and make a great profit out of it, you're in the wrong market. >> i said you are on the fphone but you're not on the phone. you're right here in d.c. with me. people can check out your blog
11:36 am
check in with wall street's reaction to the latest dismal news on the housing market. let's take a peek for you. stocks right now plunging a bit. the dow is down, as we're seeing right now, some red arrows there. we'll continue to watch this, the reaction that we have this tuesday. meantime, there is a bright spot for drivers. gas prices, they keep falling. triple a reports the national average for regular gas dropped more than 4 cents to $2.70 a gallon. but, get this, still 8 cents higher than it was a year ago. le all right. some pauositive news miss mexic is the new miss universe. jimena navarrete crowned last night. a luxury new york apartment and a one-year scholarship to the new york film academy and what ever miss universe needs, a lot of shoes. a familiar face was there on the judging panel. you're used to seeing her asking the hard-hitting questions on
11:37 am
msnbc. tamron hall questioned some of the finalists during the final portion. it turns out no matter where the cast members of the jersey shore are from, nobody wants to claim them. qi qinnipaiac poll asked if the show was bad for their state? 54% said, yes, it's bad. 20% say no and 26% say they're not sure about it. former mtv and vh-1 veejay. >> you know, i did the morning show here in new york city and it's interesting because snooki wanted us to run a single's event for her at one point and now, of course, she's getting $10,000 just to walk in clubs. >> she wanted you to do snookin for love? >> she wanted us to do that. people ask, is it bad for new
11:38 am
jersey? it's a double-edge sword. obviously, new jersey loves the tourism sxits important that the jersey shore really depends on the summer communities and people coming down there and spending money, but, you know, a lot of people don't want to have the reputation that that's all that goes on on the jersey shore. a lot of beautiful areas of the jersey shore where families can go and vacation and the natives, a lot of different cultures not just this one subculture. the local natives and a lot of new jurzians getting upset about the show. >> does it surprise you that quinnipiac is paying to do this poll, they would do that. asking new jersey residents what they think about this reality show. >> the show is doing amazingly and young people around the country have fallen in love with this show and its characters. other people watch it because they feel, oh, look at these train wrecks. you know how that is.
11:39 am
on reality tv, it's like having a fly on the wall mentality. to me, it's incredible because people get upset but this culture, italian americans who go from new york city and other part of new jersey to the jersey shores have been happening since like the 1970s. that club culture was really born out of the whole saturday night fever dist co era of the '70s. people go down there, go to the clubs and kind of descend on that area, i think that's been going on for a very long time. >> real quickly, though, the poll question number three, new jersey governor chris christie, do you agree with him that the bad influence really comes from new york or with new york governor paterson that it really comes from new jersey? 35% agree with governor christie there. you have good television experience and you know these things. do you think that new york should encourage a bridge and tunnel show? >> you know, it's funny, a lot
11:40 am
of jersey people go to new york city to hang out. >> exactly. >> you know, i say you can't really blame new jersey or new york. it's all about individual behavior and people behaving badly. they go to the jersey shore so they can go wild. that's what these young people do and they have been doing it for years, thomas. >> we just co-created the bridge and tunnel show. >> yes, we did. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, thomas. good to see you. >> take care. some things we need to talk about here, i'm sorry, say that again. let's listen in to vice president joe biden responding to john boehner this morning. >> his chief proposewhile you look at it is that the president should fire his economic team. very constructive advice and we think the leader for that. but let's take a look at the rest of his advice. first, let's review a little history here. for eight years before we arrived in the west wing, mr. boehner and his party ran the
11:41 am
economy and the middle class literally into the ground. they took a $237 billion operating surplus inherited from the clinton administration and left us with a $1.3 trillion deficit and the process co quadrupled the national debt all before we turned on the lights in the west wing, before we did one, single, solitary thing. they gave free rein to write their own rule s at the expense of everybody else. a crisis that wreaked havoc upon american families and businesses all across this country, a crisis from which we are still digging out. you know, the head of their campaign committee, republican representative pete sessions, a fine guy, by the way. nuthing to do with these people in terms of their character and personalities and just have fundamentally different views than they do. representative pete sessions who
11:42 am
heads their re-election committee. he said that if they were to take control of the congress this fall, which i tell you they will not, they won't take control, that they would go -- >> vice president joe biden responding to comments from minority leader john boehner. boehner recommending that the president go ahead and fire treasury secretary tim geithner. and the vice president calling that a cheap proposal. if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history or risk of diabetic ketoacidosis. onglyza has not been studied with insulin.
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bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. welcome back. we have breaking news to pass along right now. chinese state media is reporting that a passenger plane has crashed in northeast china. they are reporting a passenger plane with 96 people onboard crashed in yichun city. government and airline officials have yet to comment further on this. it didn't say if there were any fatalities involved in this. but, again, chinese media is reporting that there is a
11:46 am
passenger plane crashing in northeast china with 96 people onboard. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you the details as we get them right here on msnbc. there are developments in the case of the missing boy that everyone has been watching this summer. kyron horman. an ongoing investigation on what happened to the 7-year-old boy from portland, oregon. he has been missing since early june. grand jury investigations are secret, see we have no idea who is being called. a case we continue to watch and wonder when is kyron horman. new details into the death of a trainer at seaworld. six months ago dawn brancheau was killed by a whale. msnbc's tamron hall has the story. >> reporter: it was a routine demonstration in february that turn under to terrifying final
11:47 am
moments for 40-year-old dawn. in front of fellow trainers and seaworld visitors, she was pull under to the water by tillikum. in its statement monday osha blamed seaworld for her death calling it willful, which means it was committed with painful indifference to or intentional disregard for employee safety. according to the osha investigation, tillikum had known aggressive tendencies and was involved with other whales with a deadly accident with their trainer in british columbia in 1991. osha says seaworld trainers had a history of potentially dangerous incidents involving killer whales at its various facilities and failed to make
11:48 am
meaningful changes to procedures for its trainers. the former head of animal training at seaworld. >> i helped develop some of the protocols. i think osha is overstepping their bounds. it's an area that they have no expertise in. >> reporter: seaworld should minimize human and animal interaction if there is no way to predict animal behavior under all conditions. >> these animals are used to relationships that have taken years to build with these trainers. and now to say all of a sudden, boom, they cannot go near the animals. i think that's ludicrous. >> reporter: seaworld plans to, the findings are unsupported by any evidence or precedent and reflect a fundamental lack of understanding of the safety requirements. legal experts say the fine $75,000 is more than a slap on the wrist for seaworld. part of an $8 billion industry. >> some are going to say
11:49 am
$75,000? someone died here. other organizations can deal with the cause of death, the effects of that, all osha is assigned to do is deal with employee safety and they're saying, in effect, you, seaworld, are guilty. >> reporter: in the meantime, seaworld trainers are not allowed in the water while handling all killer whales. awaiting a decision of new safety measures under internal review by an independent panel. >> that was tamron hall reporting. so, it could be the largest undertaking in nautical history. a team of archeologists and scientists trying to raise the titanic in a way that's never been done before. we'll take you live onboard the ship working on this titanic mission. defended against the bad gas, diarrhea and constipation. ...and? it helped balance her colon. oh, now that's the best part. i love your work. [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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i love pushing people. i love pushing you to answer that question. and get the satisfaction of knowing that i held that person accountable. that's the best part of the job. that's what we're here for. for the very first time, we can soon get a much, much closer look at the wreck site of the titanic. late last night, a team of highly specialized scientists
11:53 am
set off from st. john's newfoundland. nbc's kerry sanders is traveling with this group. joining me now live from the north atlantic sea. and kerry, this will be a huge, momentous task. explain the people involved in this. >> reporter: there are so many people here. and it's a good time to join us as we're off the coast here. i'm with jim delgado. while we talk to you, let's look over here. and first of all, that's known as an rov, remotely operated vehicle. you're excited because? >> because this is going to capture some incredibly imagery that we can use to map the wreck of titanic. >> reporter: and right on the front there. it's not just regular cameras? >> no, it's not. those are high-definition cameras that are going to give us three-dimensional imagery. >> reporter: what does it add to your understanding of the wreck? >> it gives us, pardon the pun,
11:54 am
depth. it allows us to measure this site and plot it and map it. >> reporter: i thought we knew everything we needed to know about the titanic. it was discovered in '85, it's been visited numerous times. >> we don't know that much about the titanic, we don't know much about this deep ocean. it gives us the opportunity. >> reporter: i'm going to step away from you for a moment as the rov goes down. this is what is called a wet test. we're not actually at the titanic location. we hope to be there as early as tomorrow. what they're doing is making sure that the rov is operating as it was intended to operate. the cameras are working, making sure there were no leaks. they were concerned at one point there might be a little leak. interestingly, the equipment you see here from phoenix international, this is the same equipment they use on plane crashes that have gone down. they most recently have been looking into the plane crash, i think it was the twa plane
11:55 am
crash, the air france plane crash. they've worked on this for some time. and now you see the cable here, they've got four miles of this cable. and i'll see if tim can come over quickly. everything working as you planned? >> everything's working pretty good. we're still a little negative. everything seems to be looking good now. >> reporter: i'll let you get back to your work now. just like a scuba diver, they have to make neutral buoyancy so they don't have to lose control as they go down. thomas? >> kerry sanders, you have quite the job. hopefully we'll get to talk to you again tomorrow as you get closer to the titanic site. that does it for me this hour, i'm thomas roberts, contessa brewer will pick it up in new york. hey there, thomas, you will not believe what john boehner is telling the president to do. the war of words breaking out over the economy. plus the imam at the center, is he for peace or america's
11:56 am
enemies? and could you put away facebook? no tweeting, no texting, ditch your cell phone for a day? thousands are promising they will do it tomorrow. we're talking with a pastor and his wife who are pushing for what they call a facebook fast. and singer wyclef jean joins me to explain how he still plans to run for president of haiti.
11:57 am
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following some breaking news right now coming to us from china. a plane has crashed close to an airport in northeast china. we are getting new details on it. we'll have a crew working on it. we'll bring you new details as soon as we get them. and good tuesday, everyone. big news coast to coast in the war of words erupting over the nation's economy. and trust me, it is sparking fighting words for the guys in charge. look, the housing numbers that came out this mo


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